VIDOS ONE is a modular video intercom system working in IP technology.
The flexible design of the device allows you to create your own, best version of the set perfectly suited to your characteristics and installation requirements or user preferences.
IP system is a very modern solution and allows to use the most technologically advanced functions putting it at the highest level among this type of devices .
Vidos One works perfectly as an independent video doorphone system for small single and multi-family installations is also a comprehensive solution for complex housing installations with support for multiple entrances and a concierge. Full compatibility of all system components.

Proximity reader module designed to work in the Vidos ONE system. The reader working in the MIFARE 13.56KHz standard, also can have role of an access control terminal as well as performs the function of opening the contactless proximity with each tag in accordance with the supported frequency.
In cooperation with the VIDOS ONE PC program, it can act as an independent access control system with event registration.
Built-in discrete LED backlight allows you to locate the reader in conditions of insufficient visibility.
The A2000-MF can only work as an extension to the A2000 master module and must be powered via the RS485 port.


  • Requires connection to the A2000 master module
  • Proximity reader in MIFARE 13,56KHZ standard
  • Power supply from the RS485 communication port
  • Programming: Vidos ONE PC program
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Resistance class: IK07
  • The module can be mounted in both flush-mounted and surface-mounted case.
  • Dimensions: 100×99×34mm