AB1000 – Drive for a sliding gate

Drive for sliding gates weighing up to 900kg with built-in control unit and encoder.
The device is dedicate for home use with medium intensity of work time.
The moving parts of the drive are made of hardened steel ensuring comfort of safe use for a long time.

Vidos drives have been equipped with many functionss and facilities that improve usability and provide the highest level of security.

Hiccup detection system that prevents object crushing in the gate’s movement field. In the situation when during operation the gate run into hiccup, the mechanism will immediately stop and change the direction of its movement. This solution significantly increases level of security.

Gentle start and stop
This function reduces the movement speed of the mechanism in both directions during opening and closing the gate.
Beyond the smooth operation, this additionally protects the drive components, extending its lifetime

Self-learning function
During the first start-up of the drive, mechanism will perform a full opening and closing cycle, automatically memorizing both end positions.
Magnetic limit switches are included in the kit.

Automatic blocking
Drive is equipped with the possibility of opening the door partially, thus making it possible to use it as a pedestrian gate.

Wicket function
Napęd jest wyposażony w możliwość częściowego otwarcia bramy umożliwiając tym samym wykorzystywanie jej jako furtki dla pieszych.

Automatic closing
You can set the time after which the gate closes automatically.

Hand release mechanism
In the event of power failure or malfunction , you can unblock the drive yourself with the key and move the gate freely.


> Drive with control panel and built-in encoder
> FT01 photocell set
> 2 four-channel PL22 remotes
> Mounting accessories
> Warranty card containing 2 holograms with a serial number

Technical data:

Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
Engine power: 400W
Linear speed: 11-13 m / min
Maximum weight of the gate: 900 kg
Limit switch: magnetic
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Number of cycles per hour: ≤15
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Protection class – IP44

AB1000_1 (Kopiowanie)
AB1000_2 (Kopiowanie)
AB1000_3 (Kopiowanie)
AB1000_6 (Kopiowanie)
AB1000_4 — kopia
Fotokomórka FT01 (Kopiowanie)
Pilot PL22 (Kopiowanie)
AB1000_5 (Kopiowanie)