FT02 – Photocells

Photocells designed for cooperation with automatic gate systems.
The set consists transmitter receiver and mounting accessories. A infrared beam is sent from the transmitter to receiver. If an object appears in the field of created in this way a barrier (eg a car or human) photocell will react by sending a signal to change the state at the control unit input.
Resistant for moisture penetration, equipped with a casing to protect against unwanted exposure to rays solar.
The FT 02 photocells are equipped with a 40 ° viewing angle adjustment

Technical data:

Power supply – DC 10,5 ~ 24V 0,5A
Power consumption – Tx = 17.3mA max / Rx = 27.3mA max
Optical source – Infrared
Infrared wavelength – 940nm
Transmission frequency – 393Hz
Response time – 50ms
Contact type – NO / NC adjustable with a jumper
Load of relay contact – AC / DC30V max 500mA
Angle of action – adjustable 0 – 40 °
Range of operation – 1 – 20m
Working temperature – -20 C – + 50 ° C
Dimensions – 94x60x46mm
The set consists two photocells: a transmitter and a receiver

FT02_2 (Kopiowanie)
FT02_1 (Kopiowanie)