M-LAN Network module

Module is designed to work in extensive estate systems.
It enables creating an internal LAN network consisting of monitors / uniphones of users, building stations and fences in any configuration.
Designed for connecting the G24 concierge station.
Larger number of gate stations in the system, above 5 pcs requires use of the M-LAN module

Module enables the connection of a large number of door stations (up to 199)
Maximum number of modules in the system – 199

Total, maximum number of tenants served in created network, using M-LAN module – 6368


Power supply: 24V DC
Connection: UTP RJ45
Working temperature: -10 ̊ C ~ +40 ̊ C
Dimensions: 90 x 72 x 60mm
Mounted on a DIN rail or directly on the wall
Protection class – IP20