M1022W Video door phone monitor

Non-polarized, two-wire connection working with functional modules that is reliable and very comfortable installation solution working perfect in almost all situation. The devices are of the great quality and have functions reserved so far for the highest series products. Good design combines all the advantages of the DUO system into one making the highest-quality product.

Monitor designed to work in the VIDOS DUO system. Dedicated for single-family and multi-component systems.
Equipped with a screen size of 4.3 “, the monitor has all the necessary features that characterize devices of the highest quality.

The monitor is equipped with the function of handling up to 4 gate stations and it can control an additional relay, eg an automatic gate (after adding the B5 module)

The extensive function of the addressed intercom allows you to communicate freely with any other receiver in a single-family and multi-user system:
Internal intercom: addressed calls in one apartment
External intercom: Addressing a connection to another premises in a multi-component system
The monitor has a “do not disturb” function that allows to swith of sound for a user-specified time.

After connecting the appropriate modules, the system acquires new possibilities such as: redirection of calls to the phone, connection of additional CCTV cameras, lighting control.
The case is made of high quality polished plastic. Subtle, ascetic design perfectly fits into any interior.

4.3 “TFT LCD screen
Illuminated, sensory control panel
Control of 2 relays, eg wicket + automatic gate (second relay with module B5)
Support for up to 4 additional CCTV cameras (camera view possible using the M-K4 module)
Redirecting a call to your phone using the GSM module
Addressed internal and external intercoms
“Do not disturb” mode
Lighting control using the B5 module
12 ringing melodies
Menu in 6 languages
Dimensions: 137 x 137 x 17mm
Possibility to expand with an additional 3 internal devices from the DUO series
Upgrade to 13 internal devices by using M-SM4 modules (only 1 and 2 tenant systems)
2 wire installation without polarity
Power supply from the P24 / 18 or P26 / 40 system power supply (not included)
All monitors and uniphones are compatible with each other and can be freely combined in the system