M270W S2 – speakerphone / handset video door phone monitor

Speakerphone & handset video door phone monitor
Equipped in 7” color touch LDC videscreen
Supports two door stations (two stations ore one station with CCTV camera). Possible camera view
System can be expanded with additional three monitors or uniphone
It is possible to talk through a loudspeaker or a handset
Control of the electric lock release and automatic gate
Adjustable monitor parameters(volume, brightness, color)
Touch, illuminated control panel


Speakerphone monitor with additional handset
7” widescreen TFT LCD monitor 800×600
Buildin 100 photo memory ( flash memory)
Supports two door stations (ore one station with one CCTV camera).
Intercom function and call forwarding
Touch, illuminated control panel (blue backlight color)
Control electric lock release and automatic gate
Case color: WHITE
Monitor parameters regulation (ringing volume, conversation volume, brightness and contrast)
Available in 8 languages (Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian)
Preview option with possibility of sound switching on and opening the gate
Wiring: 4 + 2 for electric strike + 2 for gate
Possibility of extension with three additional monitors or uniphone (except for 900 series monitors)
Power supply: 14.5V DC. Included for DIN rail.
Dimensions: 282x135x23mm

MT270S1W 4
M270S1W 6 (Kopiowanie)
M270S1W 5 (Kopiowanie)
M270S1W 7 (Kopiowanie)
M270S1W 2 (Kopiowanie)