M670B S2 – Video door phone monitor

Speakerphone, hands free video door phone monitor
One of the most frequently chosen by the customers monitor has many features that make it really special.
Equipped in 7” color touch LDC widescreen
Front panel made from high quality polymer “nano glass”, ensuring modern look and safety.
Designed and made with great precision and attention in detail.
M670 S2 has touch control keys and 8 language menu
Monitor have photo memory function of the visitors.
Supports two door stations (or 1 station + CCTV camera). Possible camera outlook.
Monitor is equipped with an intercom function and call forwarding.
System can be expanded with additional three monitors or uniphone
Control of the electric lock release and automatic gate


7” widescreen TFT LCD monitor 800×600
Built-in memory for 100 photos registration
Supports two door stations (or 1 station + 1 CCTV camera).
Intercom function and conversation forwarding
Touch, illuminated control panel (blue backlight color)
Control electric strike and automatic gate
Case color: BLACK
Monitor parameters regulation (ringing volume, conversation volume, brightness and contrast)
Available in 8 languages (Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian)
Possibility of extension with three additional monitors or uniphone (except for 900 series monitors)
Preview option with possibility of sound switching on and opening the gate
Wiring: 4 + 2 for electric strike + 2 for gate
Power supply: 14.5V DC. Included for DIN rail.
Dimensions: 241x161x23mm