S1001 Video door phone station

Non-polarized, two-wire connection working with functional modules that is reliable and very comfortable installation solution working perfect in almost all situation. The devices are of the great quality and have functions reserved so far for the highest series products. Good design combines all the advantages of the DUO system into one making the highest-quality product.

Single user door station designed to work in two-wire DUO system.
A unquestionable advantage of this device is a small dimensions which allows installation in places with not enough mounting space (eg a narrow post).

Aluminum alloy housing allows surface installation of the panel.
Centrally placed backlit call button and LEDs indicating the status of the connection. It makes the device intuitive to use.
LED night light allows you to use the camera in conditions of low visibility.

The door station has a built-in connector for the motion sensor (PIR), ables you to connect such a detector and use the motion detection function (The detection function is only available with M1021 monitors).

Vandal resistant case made of stainless steel
Surface mouting
600TVL camera, 105 ° lens angle view
LED night light (white light)
Voice messages in English and Polish
1 relay output (second relay with module B5)
It supports electric strikes and electromagnetic locks
12V output for powering a low-voltage electric lock (max 300mA / 6A)
Output for connecting the motion detection sensor (PIR)
The maximum supported number of internal devices – 13.
It supports the function of the addressed intercom
Configuration and adressing by using DIP SWITCH
Water resistance class – IP54
Dimensions: 160 x 60 x 31,5mm
2-wire connection to the whole system.

Works with all monitors and uniphones from the DUO series