S1401D Video door phone station

Non-polarized, two-wire connection working with functional modules that is reliable and very comfortable installation solution working perfect in almost all situation. The devices are of the great quality and have functions reserved so far for the highest series products. Good design combines all the advantages of the DUO system into one making the highest-quality product.

Single user door station with a built-in code lock that allows to open lock with a PIN code.
Front panel is made of brushed stainless steel and equipped with a touch, backligt numeric keypad.
Keypad is an entrance terminal and panel for programming the device .
LED night light allows for device comfortable use in conditions of inadequate visibility.

The S1401D door station is equipped with a camera of wide-angle lens enabling observation in the range of 170 ° . This allows for comfortable use in places where the mounting height is limited.

The door station has a built-in connector for the motion sensor (PIR), to connect detector and use the motion detection function (The detection function is only available with M1021 monitors).
The door station can control two relays (the second relay with module B5).
The maximum supported number of internal devices – 13. Possible an addressed internal connections between the monitors.

Vandal resistant case made of stainless steel
Flush mounting
2.0 megapixel camera, 170 ° angle ens view
Built-in code lock with touch keypad
Illuminated signboard for name.
LED night light – (white light)
Programming from the keyboard by using function codes.
1 relay output (second relay with module B5)
It supports electric strikes and electromagnetic locks
12V output for powering low-voltage electric strike ( max 300mA / 6A )
The maximum supported number of indoor devices – 13
It supports the function of the addressed intercom
Protection class – IP54
Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 50mm
Case dimensions: 208 x 103 x 42
2-wire connection to the whole system.

Works with all monitors and uniphones from the DUO series