S20DA – Video door phone station

Single user door station with build in touch keypad lock and proximity reader.
Exceptionally aesthetic and solid case stands out with modern design and integrated two input terminals increase the usability of the device.

Entrance opening in S21 DAH model can be done using one or both terminals. User can choose whether he will open the entrance with the PIN code entered on the keyboard, or by proximite tag to reader or by both solutions.

Key panel has a function to prevent unauthorized use. Using the wrong code 10 times or approaching 10 times wrong card puts the station in safe mode and blocks terminal usage.
System will automatically turn on the internal acoustic alarm, launch the preview on the monitor and start recording or take a picture if the monitor has this function.

Supports reversible electric lock and electromagnetic jumpers


Single user door station
Color image sensor 1/3″
Resolution: 800 lines
1,8mm lens / view angle 110°
Night illumination: IR LED diodes (infrared)
Built-in door opening combination lock – maximum 200 codes
Build-in RFID reader working in UNIQUE 125KHz standard – maximum 200 tags
Illuminated dialing button and keypad
Protection against unauthorized use
Case: brushed stainless steel
DC12-14,5V power supply
Working temperature range: -25 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
Power consumption: waking – 0.40W / work – 0.95W
Protection class – IP65
2 proximity keyrings included
Programming – from the keyboard
Dimensions: 84x150x36mm
Case dimensions: 78x142x31mm