S561Z – Video door phone station

Single user door station with build in finger print reader is a professional solution serving as a user identification terminal.
The device uses a unique fingerprint pattern to identify, ensuring a high level of protection of the protected object and convenience of use.
Stainless steel front panel responds to the latest trends in electronics and guarantees safe use.

Gate station has build in high quality capacitive optical scanner. We can program up to 900 users (fingerprint patterns). Identification is made by comparing the fingerprint with the pattern stored in the device’s memory.

By applying a finger to the prism, we change the internal, total reflection of light. Additionally scanner disperses another beam of light on the fingerprints by measuring the areas between them. The dual scanning system guarantees the highest level of security.

Door station has been equipped with a color camera, with has the possibility of horizontal and vertical adjustment in the range of several degrees.
Camera is illuminated with LED diodes located around the lens.


Single user door station
Color image sensor 1/3″
Lens view angle : around. 87 °
Resolution: 600 lines
3,6mm lens
Lens adjustment correction: vertical and horizontal +/- 10 degrees
Illumination: 6 IR LED’s diodes (infrared)
Control of electric lock release with opening time regulation from 1 to 99 seconds
Illuminated dialing button and name signboard (blue backlight color)
Stainless steel vandal-proof front panel
Protection class – IP65
Additional lock release button output

Reader capacity – maximum 900 finger prints

Power from an external DC12-15V power supply
Dimensions: 120x250x51mm
Case dimensions: 110x240x46mm

Included in set PL12 remote control necessary for programming

561Z 1 (Kopiowanie)
561Z 2 (Kopiowanie)
561Z 4 (Kopiowanie)
561Z 3 (Kopiowanie)