S601 – Video door phone station

Single user door station for video door phone systems.
Facing to changing trends in electronics, we present a new series of small outdoor panel made of stainless steel, which delight with aesthetics and functionality.
S601 is the smallest model of the door panel in this series.
Unique design, precision and functionality are the most important features of this model.

Case is made of the highest quality acid resistant steel which give guaranty of long term of use and increases the aesthetic value of the device.
S601 looks very tastefully and modern.
Small dimensions allow for installations in places where there is limited space available (eg narrow bar)
Possibility of surface mounting allows for many adoption option.

Door station has been equipped with a color camera, with has the possibility of horizontal and vertical adjustment in the range of several degrees.
Camera is illuminated with LED diodes located on two sides of the lens.


Single user door station
Color image sensor 1/3″
Lens view angle : around. 87 °
Resolution: 600 lines
3,6mm lens
Lens adjustment correction: vertical and horizontal +/- 10 degrees
Illumination: 6 IR LED’s diodes (infrared)
Control of electric lock release
Illuminated dialing button and name signboard (blue backlight color)
Stainless steel vandal-proof front panel
Flush-mounted or surface mounted with D600B1 cover (look up in accessory)
Supports reversing lock release and electromagnetic actuators (NO / NC 1A / 24V relay)
Protection class – IP65

Dimensions: 100x110x38mm
Case dimensions: 96x105x50mm

S601 — kopia
S601 1
S601 2