ZS42-1 – Combination lock

STAND ALONE, electronic code lock with built-in RFID reader.
Combination lock has built-in proximity card reader operating in UNIQUE 125kHz standard.
Electric lock release by using a card, key fob, RFiD sticker or using a four-digit code.
ZS42 model enables programming of up to 2000 cards and user codes
Possibility of connecting an additional electric lock release button
Illuminated keyboard with operating mode LED
Reader has a tamper and open door sensor.
Controller is adapted to work in the WIEGAND 26 system, so it is perfectly suitable for use as part of an integrated access control system of many manufacturers.
The new version of these devices have functionality that allows you to make a backup on a second device via Wiegand.

Hermetic, vandal proof aluminum alloy case
Build in proximity card reader
RFID – UNIQUE 125kHz standard
Support for 1 zone
Reader’s capacity – 2000 cards / user codes
Control of electric lock release opening time from 1 to 99 seconds
Door bell function
Supports reversing electric strikes and electromagnetic locks (NO / NC )
Possibility of connecting an additional electric lock release button
Open door sensor function. (contact sensor installation is required).
Built-in internal alarm system to protect against unauthorized use
Built-in optical tamper sensor
Illuminated keyboard
Power supply: 12V DC
Power consumption in the operating mode: 60mA
Power consumption in standby mode: 25mA
Working temperature range: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
Maximum load on the contact relay NO / NC 1A / 12V (1 relay output)
RFID reader range: approx. 5 cm (depending on used transponder)
Protection class – IP65

Dimentions: 58x123x22mm