ZS52 – Combination lock

STAND ALONE, electronic code lock with built-in RFID reader.
Device has a hermetic, durable casing made of hardened aluminum
Combination lock has built-in proximity card reader operating in UNIQUE 125kHz standard.
Electric lock release by using a card, key fob, RFiD sticker or using a four-digit code.
ZS52 model enables programming of up to 1010 cards and user codes
Control of electric lock release opening time
Double zone control (eg wicket opening + gate). The bell function is available optionally instead of second zone
Possibility of connecting an additional electric lock release button
Illuminated keyboard
Reader has a tamper sensor.

Vandal-proof metal, hermetic keyboard
Build in proximity card reader
Built-in combination lock
Device supports 2 zones (eg wicket + gate)
The bell function (alternatively instead of the second zone)
Reader’s capacity: zone 1 – 1000 user codes and cards / zone 2 – max. 10 user and card codes
Control of electric lock release opening time from 1 to 99 seconds
Possibility of working in bistable mode
Possibility of connecting exit switches
Entry for open door sensor in first zone
Optical anti-tamper sensor
Illuminated keyboard (backlight color – blue)
Option of working in bistable mode (entering the code releases electric lock, re-entering the code closes it)
Supports reversing lock release and electromagnetic actuators

Power supply: 12V -24V DC / 9V – 15V AC
Power consumption in standby mode: 80mA
Power consumption in the operating mode: 110mA
Working temperature range: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
Maximum load on the contact relay NO / NC 1A / 24V (2 relay output)
RFID reader range: approx. 5 cm (depending on used transponder)

Dimensions: 157x44x23mm
Protection class – IP65

ZS52 2
ZS52 3
ZS52 1