M901SH – Video door phone Monitor

The 900 series monitors are PREMIUM class devices, characterized by the highest quality and multiple functions.
They are eminent by modern design and newest technological solutions
M901SH is equipped in 7” color LCD videscreen with HD resolution (1280×720)
It supports 2 door stations and 2 additional CCTV analog CVBS or digital cameras in the AHD standard
Image correction is available separately for each camera. The monitor has memory function for picture or video saving from guest visit. User can chose whether the monitor will take a photo or a short video after pressing the dial button. All material is saved on micro SD card

New feature is motion detection function realized directly from the camera in the door station or CCTV camera. After activating this function, monitor will automatically save photos, videos or run an internal alarm each time when movement in front of the camera is detected.

A great convenience is the option of sequential viewing from all cameras, starting a conversation and opening the electric lock without necessity of incoming call from door station

Recently, the monitor has been equipped with the digital photo frame function allowing you to play your favorite photos on screen.

7” widescreen TFT LCD monitor 1280×720
Available in 10 languages (Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, )
Supports two door stations and two CCTV cameras (CVBS and AHD mode available in menu)
Motion detection directly from the cameras
Music and movie player
Control of electric strike and automatic gate
Photo / video recording function (micro SD card up to 16GB is not included)
Adjustable parameters of each camera separately (brightness, color, contrast)
Possibility of setting three volume modes – depending on the time of the day
Smoothly adjustable bolt opening time from 0 to 99 second
12 ringing melodies / there is possible to set a separate bell for each entrance.
Preview option with possibility of sound switching on and opening the gate
Addressed intercom function – connection witch the selected monitor
Digital frame function
Touch, illuminated control panel (white backlight color)
Wiring: 4 + 2 to electric lock release + 2 to gate
Power supply: 14.5V DC. Included for DIN rail.
Dimensions: 245x165x20mm
Materials: brushed aluminum / glass / plastic

Possibility of extension with three additional monitors from the same series (901/903/904)