S1401D-SKM Mailbox with video door phone

Through the wall, one letter slot mailbox with built-in Vidos DUO S1401A video door phone station.

A non-polarized, two-wire connection and cooperation with functional modules is a reliable and very comfortable installation solution working well in almost all conditions. The devices are characterized by excellent quality of crafting and functions reserved so far for the highest series products. Tasteful design combines all the advantages of the DUO system into one whole, creating the highest-quality product.

The box is designed for mounting in a fence post or wall. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, it is resistant to weather conditions.

The front panel, 285 mm wide and 332 mm high, has a slot with a flap. Slot holding correspondence in A4 format has a bend hindering removal of correspondence by unauthorized persons. The rear panel is made in the form of a full door key locked. The rear panel, 250 mm wide and 110 mm high, has a lockable door with a window that allows you to check the content without having to open the box.

The S1201-SK box has a panel construction. Its construction consists of three elements: a chute, a front panel and a rear panel.

The 260 mm wide chute is inclined, two-part and sliding. A chute is a container for correspondence built into a post or a wall. As a standard, it is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet. Thanks to the sliding drawer, the depth of the box can be adjusted in the range of 260-410 mm.

Box type – Throuhg the wall with a video door station
Number of letter slots – one
Front panel material – milled stainless steel
Chute material – fire galvanized steel
Number of intercom or video intercom buttons – 1
Type of camera used – S1401A DUO
Width of the drawer – 250 mm
Box depth adjustment -260-410mm
Dimensions of the front panel – 285 x 350 mm
Dimensions of the rear panel – 260 x 110 mm

Specification for the S1401 door station:
2.0Mpix camera, 170 ° lens angle of view
Built-in combination lock with touch buttons.
Illuminated information sign.
Ability to change the backlight of the keyboard and the sign (RGB)
LED night light – (white light).
Programming from the keyboard using function codes.
1 relay output (the second relay via module B5).
Supports electric lock release and electromagnetic actuators
12V output for powering low-voltage electric lock release
Number of internal devices supported – 12
It supports the function of the addressed intercom
2-wire connection to the whole system.

Works with all monitors and uniphones from the DUO series

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